Christiania, The Danish State, DAF & Copenhagen Commune gave us the economical support to build up this dream of a show. La Capra Grassa and Brunette Bros. spend most of the summer 2012 building and showing off the most beautiful truck in the world.

Workcamp throughout 1 month in the nest of and with the full support of De Jydske Helte in Lucky People Developement Center. Building & painting scenografies, sewing costumes, writing the manuscript, reharsing, cooking, living & playing,. Building the whole show in the truck.

On tour for 5 weeks bringing around the show and the atmosfere.
La Capra Grassa Fairground Kamikaze show is intertwined in a red thread of soap-opera melodrama, slapstick humor og swing saloon music, wrapped in poetry and paperscenografies and unfolded out of a 6 meter high truck with a 2 floor stage