The Brunette Bros. – A bizarre Entertainment Enterprise – Since 2008

The Hillbilly, Lisa Skjøth Madsen, from Northen Denmark and the exotic and nationalistic Maria Solà Font from Catalunya were lucky to find eachother under a terrible storm in the pacific ocean.
After saving eachothers lives from the tongues of oblivion they travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they fusioned the tight ass of the danes with the southen temperament into a slightly uptight and weird kind of a puppet and music theater troup which still exist this day today.
On this lucky road to succes the 2 women found the multitalented equilibrist Sr. Emanuele Fiandri from Sassoulo. The Wonderboy desided to join the Brunette Bros. family business and who knows how big this family is still to become?

Brunette Bros. also known as Bluenette Sisters, Prune Heads, Albino Bros. & the HUGO BROS. offers pure entertainment and dirty puppet theater with guarantied laughtercramps for all occasions such as: births, barmitzfars, streetparties, home & Tupperware parties, re-and de-ceptions, festivals, weddings, holidays and funerals.

The company comes out of an old suitcase full of homebrewed automatons, headless puppets, heartfelt laughter and music, pigeons, dust from the 20ies and gold from the alchimist. The Audience, once they’ve set their eyes on the mania, is spellbound and can never return to an ordinary life. The Vividness of the Brunette Bros Parallel world will hunt their days and nights.

Brunette Bros. – Better then TV!

Still going strong, the Brunette Bros. feels quite invinsible, on their 10th. year of artistic partnership.
The company have travelled to many far away destinations. They have crossed jungles and deserts and Grand Metropols. They have eaten stone soup with hoboes and dinned with the trillioners in Beverly Hills. They have 4 solid bases. One in Denmark, one in Catalunya, one in Italy and one on the road. They´ve investigated most parts of western europe, especially Italy, Spain and Scandinavia, some parts of Eastern Europe and north america and they are turning the pages to see how the road bends...

Quite Remarkable Appearences:

Brunette Bros. Presents the Sideshow at Operaen. CA. DK. Oct. 2008

The Puppet Vending Machine at Look Twice, Färgfabriken Norr, Östersund, SWEDEN Oct. 2009

Brunette Bros. presents the Smoked Caberet in Coconut Sauce at Operaen, CA, DK. Nov. 2009

Brunette Bros. in collabortion with the newcircus company Anecdotas y Anatomicas in Circ Petit, Pineda de Mar, ES. & Grupo Taller de Marionetas, Barcelona, ES. Jan. 2010

The Random Show at Logen Theater, Bergen, NORWAY, Feb. 2010

The Random Street Show at G! Festival, FEROE ISLANDS, July 2010

Brunette Bros. presents ”the Mucho Latino” - Circus Spectaculum Festival, Copenhagen, DK, Aug. 2010

Dunkelshow at the Alternative Puppetfestival, Copenhagen, DK, March 2011

Brunette Bros. & Circo Paniko at Buskers Pirata, Bologna and Dinamico, Festival Internazionale di Circo Contemporaneo e Arti di Strada, Reggio Emilia, ITALY, summer, 2011

The Christiania Social Share Fundraising Party in Brooklyn, New York and in Hollywood, LA., USA, Nov. 2011 The Bluenette Sisters, Recording in BetaPetrol Studios, Beverly Hills, LA, USA, Nov. 2011, LIVE Radio Program at Taller De Pepe Otal, Barcelona, ES, March 2012, LIVE Radio Program at Byens Radio, 89.7, Copenhagen, DK, April/Maj 2012

Bluenettes Summertour, Berlin Carnival SwingScene(D), Barcelona(ES), Pennabilli Festival ”Artisti in Piazza”IT. June 2012

LA CAPRA GRASSA TOUR in DENMARK 2012, the 6m high truck & fairground kamikazishow, supported by the Danish Art Council, Copenhagen Commune and Danish Art Association (DAF) summer 2012

Bluenette Sisters Hostess show at the FUJ Awards (journalist conference/Association of Investigative Journalists) DK. Nov 2012

Bluenette Sisters at Knejpe Festival, Helsingør DK. Winther 2012

Brunette Bros. Circus. – The 2nd smallest Circus in the world. Pre-Production & Pre-sneak-Premier at Teatrete de Scarico, Barcelona ES. March/april 2013

The Brunette Bros. Home Brew Band Deluxe Chamber Recording at Queen of the Night Studio, Ocata, ES. april 2013

Bluenette & HomeBrew Band at Karlsøy Festival, Northnorth (almost northpole) NORWAY. Juli 2013

Puppet Vending Machine at Passage Festival, Helsingør, DK. Juli 2013